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Patrick Farmer / Christian Munthe / Anders Dahl

Rhinoceros Cover

Triplet number one is violent,
rarely is that bastard silent!
Tumbling, rumbling all day long,
plays it’s jolly, raucous song!

Rhinocerian improvisations on analog electronics, acoustic turntable & acoustic guitar from these three notorious rascals of improvised and experimental musics. When not tumbling together in this truly treasurable trio, it’s members could also be heard in collaborations with such diverse musicians and composers as Sarah Hughes, Michael Pisaro, Mats Gustafsson and many, many more.

Patrick Farmer: Acoustic turntables
Christian Munthe: Guitar
Anders Dahl: Electronics

All music by Dahl, Farmer, Munthe. Recorded in Skårve Nytorp in April 2011. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Anders Dahl. Artwork, The daydreamer, by Elisabet Lundkvist. Edition of 165 handmade copies. Screenprinted and assembled by Maria Hägglund and Henrik Olsson.


  1. Rhionceroses (16’55)
  2. Rhinoceros (12’18)
  3. Rhinocerotes (06’17)
  4. Rhinoceri (13’18)


Rhionceroses (excerpt)

Rhinoceros (excerpt)

Rhinocerotes (excerpt)

Rhinoceri (excerpt)