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Ålleberg Cover

Triplet number two is tough,
Seems at times so very rough but
is at a heart a gentle fellow,
sounds so sweet, so mild and mellow!

Redneck, electroacoustic improvisation with the great winds of the Slöta plains ringing in the ears of these four, full members of the venerable Bombax clan. The members are also known for their work with the improvising chamber ensemble Skogen, and collaborate regularly with musicians such as Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru Nakamura, Angharad Davies, Anna Lindal and many others.

Anders Dahl: Analog electronics
Magnus Granberg: Clarinet
Henrik Olsson: Objects, electronics
Petter Wästberg: Contact microphone, objects, feedback

All music by Slötakvartetten. Recorded at Slöta Lerum 9-11 December 2011. Artwork, The musiclover, by Lisa Lundkvist. Edition of 165 handmade copies. Screenprinted and assembled by Maria Hägglund and Henrik Olsson.


  1. Vete (8’30)
  2. Havre (9’30)
  3. Råg (07’47)
  4. Ensilage (10’58)


01 Vete (excerpt)

Havre (excerpt)

Råg (excerpt)

Ensilage (excerpt)