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Edition Two

It is with immense relief and unbearable satisfaction that Bombax bombax announces it's annual resurgence by releasing three sounding wonders! Each record is, as usual, issued in an edition of 165 handmade, screen printed copies; this time with tremendously tickling artwork by Anna-Lena Jaktlund!

In Search of Wild Tulips Cover

Akiyama / Carlsson / Nakamura / Olsson

In Search of Wild Tulips

Bombaxbombax 004
Let's Fall in Love

Erik Carlsson

Let's Fall in Love!

Bombaxbombax 005
Skogar, berg och dalar Cover

Skog och dal

Skogar, berg och dalar

Bombaxbombax 006

It is with great relief and considerable satisfaction that Bombax bombax has the undisguised delight presenting a music in which all conceivable oppositions are humbly and modestly reconciled! In Search of Wild Tulips is an album by Japanese improvisers Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura and Swedish percussionists Erik Carlsson and Henrik Olsson. Together they make music of razor-sharp cut, unaffected courage and shocking equilibrium.

It is with bursting pride and humble exhilaration that Bombax bombax presents the debut album of percussion player Erik Carlsson, a wonder of urgent clarity and contemplative ecstasy! Erik Carlsson is an improvising percussionist whose blissful sounds resound throughout the world.

Skog och dal is a collaboration between composer and sound artist Anders Dahl and the improvising chamber ensemble Skogen. Together they create a music where intentions and nonintentions diverge, coincide and unite in veiled transparency.

Edition One

Bombax bombax is glad to announce it’s joyful existence by releasing three new modestly exuberant works by Anders Dahl, Skogen and The Unforgettable H2O! Each record is issued in an edition of 165 handmade, screen printed copies with original artwork by Oslo based artist Elinor Ström.

Skogen Cover



Bombaxbombax 001
Flatefjäll Cover

Unforgettable H2O


Bombaxbombax 002
Doorbells Cover

Anders Dahl


Bombaxbombax 003

Tread upon this hidden path, enter woods so wild.
Do not fear some tough guys wrath, this band’s so good and mild!

Gently they will take your hand and guide you to get lost; find yourself in wonderland, this world, just slightly tossed!

Be sure not to miss this unique documentation of when the scattered members of the Bombax tribe got together at the foot of Flatefjäll for a cheerful time of cooking, eating and making noise! Pots were boiling, cords were humming, bread was baked and circuits bent; cows were mooing, cats were yawning, drums were beaten, signals sent!

Seek and you shall find! Ring the bell and Anders will open the gate to beguiling, bewildering pastures where sheep are fed and music is made. Don’t be afraid of this wonderful place where life and art is not kept apart, where hi-fi and lo-fi, lowbrow and highbrow, kazoo and computer all are our friends!