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Skog och dal

Valley low and mountain high,
under clear and open sky
paths they cross and drift apart,
unite in woods, so wild at heart!

Skog och dal is a collaboration between composer and sound artist Anders Dahl and the improvising chamber ensemble Skogen. Together they create a music where intentions and non-intentions diverge, coincide and unite in veiled transparency.

The members of Skog och dal are profusely represented on the Bombax bombax label, but have also released their music on labels such as Häpna, Kning Disk, Homefront Recordings and Con-V.

The members are also collaborating with groups and musicians such as Gul 3, The Tiny, Skogen, Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru Nakamura, Mats Gustafsson and Martin Küchen.

Skog och dal are: Erik Carlsson, Anders Dahl, Magnus Granberg, Henrik Olsson, Leo Svensson, Petter Wästberg


Skog, berg, dal (excerpt)

Berg, skog, dal (excerpt)


Skog och dal
Montage: Maria Hägglund. From left: Magnus Granberg & Anders Dahl. Click photo for a hi-res version.