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Unforgettable H2O

Unforgettable H2O is a bunch of jolly fellows who love coming together for a little chit chat and some nasty noise while waiting for the dinner to get ready.

When not getting together with Unforgettable H2O, the members are also performing with improvising musicians from all over the world; recent collaborators include Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru Nakamura, Keith Rowe and Axel Dörner.

Erik Carlsson: percussion, electronics
Anders Dahl: resonators, electronics, computer
Matilda Nordenström: radio, prepared speaker
Henrik Olsson: drum, cymbal, objects and electronics
Petter Wästberg: contact microphones, feedback


Unforgettable H2O – Flatefjäll 1 (excerpt)

Unforgettable H2O – Flatefjäll 2 (excerpt)