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Anders Dahl

Seek and you shall find! Ring the bell and Anders will open the gate to beguiling, bewildering pastures where sheep are fed and music is made. Don’t be afraid of this wonderful place where life and art is not kept apart, where hi-fi and lo-fi, lowbrow and highbrow, kazoo and computer all are our friends!

Anders Dahl is, of course, your good shepherd of experimental music, preferably spending his precious time in rural Skårve herding his cattle and cultivating and decultivating the worlds of music till the day they all will be one.

Apart from co-operating Bombax bombax and making music on his own, he is also currently working with improvising musicians such as Henrik Olsson and Christian Munthe; critically acclaimed albums are to be found on labels like Häpna, Kning Disk, Tyyfus & Another Timbre.


Anders Dahl – Row 03 (excerpt)

Anders Dahl – Row 05

Anders Dahl – Row 06 – Long tones (excerpt)

Anders Dahl – Row 09 – Lively

Anders Dahl – Row 10 (excerpt)

Anders Dahl – Row 13 – Bass (excerpt)

Anders Dahl – Row 15 – Superimpose (excerpt)

Anders Dahl – Doorbell, feedback, tapes, electronics (excerpt)

Anders Dahl – Doorbell, tuning fork, crotale, clarinet, recorder, pitch pipe, bouzouki, guitar, electronics (two excerpts)

Anders Dahl – Doorbell, electronics, toy piano, sitar, tapes (two excerpts)