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Anna-Lena Jaktlund

Anna-Lena Jaktlund, born in 1974, is a Stockholm based artist with a background as a Public Relations Officer, Art Director and Project Manager.

As an artist Anna-Lena mainly works with video. Here video works often rises questions about the language of the moving image, perception and representation and the relation between the observer, the media and what is projected.

Contact: annalena_jaktlund@hotmail.com

Some Video works

The Moon
2008, DVD 16:9, 3:16 min.

Is an authentic sound- and image recording from an evening when there was a full moon. But the moon doesn’t look like expected, it is moving…

Stills from the Moon

2008, DVD 4:3, 4:20 min. No sound.

Four moving images show simultaneously at the screen. In every image a crystal ball rotates with varying speed and direction. The crystal balls and the two coloured backgrounds changes colour.

Stills from Drone

2008, DVD 16:9, 2:41 min.

Someone is walking and jumping over cesspools that is marked with either the letters A or K. At every cesspool you could here different types of responding sounds. The sounds are recordings and processings of trumpet, kettledrum and hand clap. (In Sweden there is a superstition that says that you mustn’t walk on a cesspool marked with a K. If you do, you must clap your back three times, to free yourself from misfortune.)

Stills from Touch

Mirror Canon
2007, DVD 4:3, 1, 53 min. No sound.

A jet of water runs with constant speed across the centre of the screen. Behind the jet different coloured sheets exchange. The jet reflects the coloured sheets.

Stills from Mirror Canon

Recent Exibitions

2009-11 Edsvik Konsthall öst; Höstsalong 2009
2009-07 Hagenfesten i Dala-Floda

Recent Videoscreenings

2009-05 Galar Kampot Gallery, St:Petersburg. Collaboration with Petr Belij and Luda Gallery.
2009-02 Maskinens Video event på Sagateatern i Umeå
2008-11 Universidad Arcis, Universidad de Chile, MAC; moderna museet i Santiago
2008-10 Moving, Clarion art film festival