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Tetuzi Akiyama / Erik Carlsson / Toshimaru Nakamura / Henrik Olsson

Kipling’s wrong! We know for sure,
these guys have made him seem obscure!
At last, the poet in his prime,
surpassed by cruel, relentless time!

It is with great relief and considerable satisfaction that Bombax bombax has the undisguised delight presenting a music in which all conceivable oppositions are humbly and modestly reconciled!

Japanese improvisors Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura and swedish percussionists Erik Carlsson and Henrik Olsson make music of razor-sharp cut, unaffected courage and shocking equilibirium.


Stockholm (excerpt)

Göteborg (excerpt)


Akiyama Carlsson Nakamura Olsson
Photo: Kristoffer Westin. From left: Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru Nakamura, Henrik Olsson & Erik Carlsson. Click photo for a hi-res version.