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Anders Dahl
Seek and you shall find! Ring the bell and Anders will open the gate to beguiling, bewildering pastures where sheep are fed and music is made. Don’t be afraid of this wonderful place where life and art is not kept apart, where hi-fi and lo-fi, lowbrow and highbrow, kazoo and computer all are our friends! […]

Anders Dahl / Patrick Farmer / Christian Munthe
Listen Rhionceroses (excerpt) Download Rhinoceros (excerpt) Download Rhinocerotes (excerpt) Download Rhinoceri (excerpt) Download

Erik Carlsson
Bells are ringing loud and clear, how queerly blessed they all appear! When sounding from the air above, instil in all an urge to love! It is with bursting pride and humble exhilaration that Bombax bombax presents the glorious percussion player Erik Carlsson! Erik Carlsson is an improvising percussionist whose blissful sounds resound throughout the […]

Skog och dal
Valley low and mountain high, under clear and open sky paths they cross and drift apart, unite in woods, so wild at heart! Skog och dal is a collaboration between composer and sound artist Anders Dahl and the improvising chamber ensemble Skogen. Together they create a music where intentions and non-intentions diverge, coincide and unite […]

Tread upon this hidden path, enter woods so wild. Do not fear some tough guys’ wrath, this band’s so good and mild! Gently they will take your hand and guide you to get lost; find yourself in wonderland, this world, just slightly tossed! Photo: Seth Starre Lacotte Skogen makes a music where impressions and experiences, […]

Listen 01 Vete (excerpt) Download Havre (excerpt) Download Råg (excerpt) Download Ensilage (excerpt) Download

Tetuzi Akiyama / Erik Carlsson / Toshimaru Nakamura / Henrik Olsson
Kipling’s wrong! We know for sure, these guys have made him seem obscure! At last, the poet in his prime, surpassed by cruel, relentless time! It is with great relief and considerable satisfaction that Bombax bombax has the undisguised delight presenting a music in which all conceivable oppositions are humbly and modestly reconciled! Japanese improvisors […]

Unforgettable H2O
Unforgettable H2O is a bunch of jolly fellows who love coming together for a little chit chat and some nasty noise while waiting for the dinner to get ready. When not getting together with Unforgettable H2O, the members are also performing with improvising musicians from all over the world; recent collaborators include Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru […]


Anna-Lena Jaktlund
Anna-Lena Jaktlund, born in 1974, is a Stockholm based artist with a background as a Public Relations Officer, Art Director and Project Manager. As an artist Anna-Lena mainly works with video. Here video works often rises questions about the language of the moving image, perception and representation and the relation between the observer, the media […]

Elinor Ström
born 1968 lives and works in Gothenburg/Oslo Member of the group Hugger-Mugger with Maria Hägglund and Catarina W. Källström elinorstrom.com