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Bombax bombax is a happy and almost entirely new record label; we are based in wild, wild Skårve and peaceful Stockholm, Sweden.
Edition Two

It is with immense relief and unbearable satisfaction that Bombax bombax announces it's annual resurgence by releasing three sounding wonders! Each record is, as usual, issued in an edition of 165 handmade, screen printed copies; this time with tremendously tickling artwork by Lisa Lundkvist!

Rhino Cover

Anders Dahl, Patrick Farmer, Christian Munthe


Bombaxbombax 007
Ňlleberg Cover



Bombaxbombax 008
16 Rows Cover

Anders Dahl

16 Rows

Bombaxbombax 009

Rhinocerian improvisations on analog electronics, acoustic turntable & acoustic guitar

Red-neck improvisation with the great winds of Sl√§tta ringing in Anders Dahl, Magnus Granberg, Henrik Olsson & Petter W√§stberg’s ears

The simplest twelve tone music you can imagine performed by Christer Bothén, Erik Carlsson, Anders Dahl, Magnus Granberg, Anna Lindal, Björn Nilsson, Matilda Nordenström, Emma Nordlund, Henrik Olsson & Petter Wästberg.


Raised From The Dead

February 22nd, 2015

Rejoice, dear disciples, Bombax bombax has been resurrected! Christ was raised from the dead in three days, the Bombax clan took some five or six years to awake from their heavenly hibernation but now they are all back, alive and kicking! And as if that wasn’t enough, it seems as if they also have been teeming with triplets all these years of yearning: three rosy-cheeked records are likely to hit a mail order close to you any day soon: more chocking details to be revealed at the speed of light from the far side of the Bombax galaxy sooner than you would ever expect!

Good golly!

November 9th, 2009

Good Old Bombax bombax will be back sooner than you would expect, giving full throttle with these three thrilling things just for you, dear faithful friends:

Bb 004: A recording of the great quartet of Akiyama / Carlsson / Nakamura / Olsson

Bb 005: A solo album by glorious percussionist Erik Carlsson

Bb 006: Skog och dal; a collaboration by Anders Dahl and Skogen

More info coming soon with the speed of light!

Record Release Party

August 1st, 2008

Bombax bombax present their first three releases at two parties in two cities! Concerts with Anders Dahl, Skogen and Unforgettable H2O on:

September 18th (Thursday): at Nefertiti, Gothenburg. Concerts start at 20.00.

September 19th (Friday): at Fylkingen, Stockholm. Concerts start at 19.30.

Be there or be square!